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Angry White Men: Die Usa Und Ihre Zornigen Männer

Die Supermacht USA befindet sich in einer tiefen Identitätskrise. Einst berühmt für ihre pragmatische Kompromissbereitschaft stehen sich Republikaner und Demokraten unversöhnlich gegenüber, gewinnen ehemals politische Randgruppen wie die Tea Party enormen politischen und gesellschaftlichen Einfluss. Das Land radikalisiert sich und die weiße männliche Bevölkerung spielt dabei eine entscheidende Rolle. Wer sind die zornigen weißen Amer...

Alles Zu Meiner Zeit: Warum Wir Trödeln, Obwohl Wir Doch Lieber Handeln Würden

Trödeln ist menschlich, trödeln gehört dazu und eigentlich trödelt jeder mal. Wir schieben unangenehme Erledigungen auf und haben ein schlechtes Gefühl dabei. Irgendwie geht es dann aber doch. Warum wir trödeln, was dann bei uns im Gehirn passiert und wie wir diesem natürlichen Verhalten doch gegensteuern können, weiß Dr. Piers Steel zu berichten - eine Koryphäe in diesem Gebiet, sowohl als Wissenschaftler als auch privat.

Unthinkable: Iran, The Bomb, And American Strategy

The bone of contention regarding this book is Pollack's conclusion that the US should strive to "contain" Iran, rather than attack it, even if Iran goes all the way to develop nuclear weapons. While I disagree with Pollack, I still feel quite enthusiastic about recommending his book. The author goes to great lengths to present all sides of an important issue, and he gives the reader every possible argument as to why he (Pollack) may ...

The New Commonwealth Model Of Constitutionalism: Theory And Practice

Stephen Gardbaum argues that recent bills of rights in Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia are an experiment in a new third way of organizing basic institutional arrangements in a democracy. This 'new Commonwealth model of constitutionalism' promises both an alternative to the conventional dichotomy of legislative versus judicial supremacy and innovative techniques for protecting rights. As such, it is an intriguing...

Quarterly Essay 55 A Rightful Place: Race, Recognition And A More Complete Commonwealth

The nation has unfinished business. After more than two centuries, can a rightful place be found for Australia's original peoples? Soon we will all decide if and how indigenous Australians will be recognised in the constitution. In the words of Professor Greg Craven: ''We have a committed prime minister, and a committed opposition. We have a receptive electorate. There will never be a better time. We have no choice but to address the...

Ethnic Subnationalist Insurgencies In South Asia: Identities, Interests And Challenges To State Authority

This book provides a micro-historical analysis of the emergence and contemporary dynamics of recent ethnic sub-nationalist insurgencies in South Asia. Using comparative case studies, it discusses the causes of each insurgency, analyses the trajectory and dynamics of each including attempts at resolution, and highlights the wider theories of ethno-nationalist insurgency and mobilization. Bringing together an international group of con...

Israeli Constitutional Law In The Making (hart Studies In Comparative Public Law)

In the domain of comparative constitutionalism, Israeli constitutional law is a fascinating case study constituted of many dilemmas. It is moving from the old British tradition of an unwritten constitution and no judicial review of legislation to fully-fledged constitutionalism endorsing judicial review and based on the text of a series of basic laws. At the same time, it is struggling with major questions of identity, in the context...

Polygyny: What It Means When African American Muslim Women Share Their Husbands

Utilizes ethnographic research methods to imaginatively and constructively complexify the reality of polygyny in the lives of African American Muslim women. Debra Majeed sheds light on families whose form and function conflict with U.S. civil law. Polygyny—multiple-wife marriage—has steadily emerged as an alternative to the low numbers of marriageable African American men and the high number of female-led households in black America....

Blacks In And Out Of The Left

The radical black left has largely disappeared from the struggle for equality and justice. Michael Dawson examines the causes and consequences, and argues that the conventional left has failed to take race seriously as a force in reshaping American institutions and civil society. Black politics needs to find its way back to its radical roots.

Party Primaries In Comparative Perspective

Primary elections for choosing party leaders and candidates are now becoming commonplace in Europe, Asia and America but questions as to how much they hinder a party’s organizational strength and cohesion or affect electoral performance have largely been ignored outside of the USA. Party Primaries in Comparative Perspective gives a much-needed conceptualization to this topic, describing the function and nature of primary elections an...