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Deluxe Encyclopedia of Guitar Chords

5b98cbabbd3a4.jpg Author William Bay
Isbn 9780871666642
File size 73.7MB
Year 1971
Pages 144
Language English
File format PDF
Category Music

Book Description:

If you are only going to get one guitar chord book, make it this one! Thousands of chord forms are presented. Chords are presented in each key and numerous forms are shown for each type of chords. Chords are classified into melody forms, inside forms, rhythm forms and bottom four string forms. Each type of chord is shown in notation and it lists the name of each note and its function in the chord (root, third, seventh, etc.) Also, the name of each note is shown on every diagram and the bottom and top chordal tones are listed (5th, root, etc.). A great value for any guitarist.



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