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Eat With Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life that Lights You Up

Make Peace with Your Plate This is not your traditional cookbook. You will not have to do a cleanse, eat kale every day, or eliminate an entire food group. Instead, you will learn the step-by-step process for eating with intention and put a stop to the never ending cycle of fad diets, constant exhaustion, and general unhappiness with your body and yourself. Meditation and wellness teacher Cassandra Bodzak struggled for years with unh...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Baking

The bible for vegan baking. Once thought to be tasteless and heavy, vegan baked goods have exploded in popularity with the help of such expert bakers as Donna Diegel, who have created wonderfully light and flavorful breads and desserts. Here, Donna delivers more than 120 amazing recipes including breakfast cakes and muffins, yeast breads and dinner rolls, cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and more. • 120 delicious vegan recip...

Das besondere Kräuterkochbuch

Alles über Küchenkräuter – und die besten Rezepte Schon mal Ringelblumen-Lorbeer-Creme probiert? Oder gegrillten Lachs mit Kapuzinerkresse-Butter? Und wissen Sie, wie man Schnittlauch für den Winter haltbar macht? In diesem Buch verrät die Kräuterexpertin Jekka McVicar alles über ihre 50 Lieblingskräuter: Dazu gehören bekannte Arten wie Petersilie und Rosmarin, aber auch Exoten wie Curryblätter oder Vietnamesischer Koriander. Jedes K...

Sul, Korean Alcoholic Beverages

Sul in Korean Life For Koreans, sul has always been not just an alcoholic beverage to drink and enjoy in each other's company, but a significantmedium that serves a sacred purpose, such as communion with God and pouring blessings on the union of a couple being married. Sul is deeply rooted in the life of the Korean people whose tradition of drinking accompanied with singing and dancing is time-honored.

Veneto: Recipes from an Italian Country Kitchen

Introducing Italy’s best kept secret… the cuisine of the Veneto. Food-writer, cook, and photographer Valeria Necchio shares the food and flavors at the heart of the Veneto region in North Eastern Italy. Veneto includes lovingly written recipes that capture the spirit of this beautiful and often unexplored region, and Valeria’s memories of the people and places that make the Veneto so special. Packed with fresh ingredients and lively ...

Superfood Weeknight Meals

Feed your family healthy meals they'll love, any and every night of the week, with Superfood Weeknight Meals. Fast and healthy weeknight cooking - it's an area where almost all families struggle. You want to have a nourishing, family-friendly meal on the table each night, but with too little time and too many picky palates, it can be hard. With Superfood Weeknight Meals, you have a secret weapon. Inside, you'll find simple-yet-creati...

Paleo Italian Cooking

From her home to yours—Paleo Italian Cooking rounds up 100 authentic and easy-to-follow Italian recipes that allow you to eat a healthy Paleo diet—without even knowing it! Cookbook author and food blogger Cindy Barbieri discovered that she didn't have to reject her love of authentic Italian food when she decided to follow the Paleo approach to family dining. To her delight, she found her Nana's recipes, except for the pasta and Itali...

Sustainable Food Consumption: A Practice Based Approach

Agricultural and food consumption practices are the most important contributors to ecosystem degradation and climate change. Consumers are called on to take responsibility for sustainable development; to consider the environment in their everyday life, to choose more sustainably produced goods and services. However, often consumers are not directly involved in food production and preparation. Today many of the meals we eat are prepar...

Of Victorians and Vegetarians

Nineteenth-century Britain was one of the birthplaces of modern vegetarianism in the West. In 'Of Victorians and Vegetarians' James Gregory explores the relationship between this newly organized movement and wider culture and society. It evolved with a myriad of meanings and voices: partly for propagandist reasons, but also because of the varied motivations and characteristcs of vegetarians. Teetotallers, animal lovers, mystics, spir...