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The Break Up Manual for Men

How to Recover from a Serious Break Up, Become Stronger and Get Back into Life

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File size 24.21MB
Year 2015
Language English
File format PDF
Category Family and Friendship

Book Description:

Listen to this audiobook if you're truly serious about getting over her…. Kiss agonizing pain good-bye; say hello to a deep herculean strength and self-empowered confidence that attracts new women, and discover the real secrets to overcoming a breakup and using it as a launchpad to reinvent your life and pursue your dreams.

Guys, let's face it, a serious breakup can suck! There is no one that is immune to experiencing a broken relationship. It literally feels as though your heart has been torn out of your chest. You can't stop thinking about her, what you could, should, or would do if you had another chance - even if the breakup occurred last week or 10 years ago.
But the truth is…it's over, and she's moved on! So what can YOU do about it?

The Breakup Manual for Men was born out of real heartbreak and an urgent necessity to get over the loss and pain of a serious breakup. In this powerful audiobook, relationship coach for men Andrew Ferebee has distilled the essentials of his own success and life-changing work with men who have been blindsided by breakups into an easy-to-follow strategy that you can devour in as little as a day.

This is no ordinary relationship advice book. You will leave behind all confusion, pain, and heartbreak as he leads you through how to truly overcome and recover so you can become stronger, attract new women, and have the confidence to start living again in the shortest time possible.

Andrew leaves no stone unturned. Everything has been tested and proven to work! The result - one easy-to-understand book for men that reveals what you absolutely need to know.



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