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As business face fiercer competition from both local and global markets, new technologies allow the creation of new startups and ventures in almost no time. Being able to take full advantage of those technologies is crucial for staying competitive. I believe the old days of safety no longer apply. If the marketing gurus are right, entrepreneurs must learn to live comfortable with risk.

El Columpio comes from the Spanish words for "a swing". A swing is an artifact normally played by children to move back-and-forth suspended from above. Often, a child needs only a push to overcome the first fear, swiftly finding himself safe and comfortable while enjoying the ride. This is the picture summarizing my vision. To serve as a guide and support for your journey into an effective, disruptive online presence.

The best advice you'll get is to focus on your core business and let a trustworthy hand take care of your non-core competencies. Hopefully you will find someone honest and knowledgeable enough willing to give you a hand. Call me if you think it can be me.

Here, let me give you a push.

super happy child on swing